Lime Tree Bower 2016 Goals

We're nearly 20% into 2016 and I've only just found the time to pen this post.


Plus it's 6.51am and I don't consider myself to be an early bird. So obviously something weird is happening here.

But here we go. Let's do this thing. 

I'm determined to set 2016 up for success and without a post like this, I won't feel like I'll be held accountable to my goals. 

I'm going to split my goals into two aspects, one specifically for Lime Tree Bower and business and the other for other aspects of life - they're just as important!

2016 business goals

  • Invest in the blog and publish weekly. I truly miss blogging and it's one of those things that keeps me grounded. I also have a lot of ideas that I want to pursue through blogging and creating interesting and inspiring content, so first step is to define a blogging content strategy for the year before I hit the ground running.

  • Make $45k in sales. A lofty goal but it's worth aiming high right hahaha! The previous financial year, which was my first year of serious business was pretty pathetic. I made just under $5k, a tonne of mistakes and I've learned a lot since then.

  • Be involved with 8 creative collaborations that I'm super happy and proud of. These are the best and I can't wait to do more pitching of ideas this year with other creatives and brands!

  • Develop an online course and tutorials for DIY brides and floral enthusiasts. I've come to realise that there's a limit to how many weddings I can feasibly do in a given year without burning myself out. I've also realised how much I love teaching and helping others learn new skills and become more creative - both passions of mine. So I'm really excited for this area and I think it's the right step forward towards growing Lime Tree Bower!

  • Create video tutorials and publish them on Youtube! This one will be super tough but I think it's finally time to face my fears on this one.

2016 life goals

  • Co-purchase and move into a house in Sydney with Gareth. We've been house hunting since late November and still going... Geez the market in Sydney is still tough!

  • Continue a regular yoga practise. Ideally, this would be every day for me and at the moment, a more realistic goal is to hit twice a week minimum so let's start there :)

  • Complete my book reading challenge. I've upped it from last year's 18 to 24 - feel free to friend me on Goodreads if you're interested in what I'm tucking into.

  • Lock in a venue and date for our wedding. We've specifically put this behind purchasing a house so we can focus on that first, so this will be put off until that's done!

  • Do something that makes me shit scared and uncomfortable - in a good way. Because life is worth living and what we fear most is usually what we most need to do - thanks Tim Ferriss for that nugget.

  • Develop a daily morning ritual to start my day off well. I've read a lot about rituals that creatives and entrepreneurs have, that it's making me consider what mine should be. I haven't quite figured it out yet so it's worth experimenting until I nail it!

  • Travel to and experience at least two new places. As we're going to be purchasing a house, I think it'll be a while yet until we do another big overseas trip. But that doesn't mean staying in Sydney and not having any fun! There's so much to explore locally around and near Australia so the plan is to keep travelling in some way.

I'd love to hear from you! It's shit scary publishing something so personal like this online but it really helps me stay more committed to reaching goals. I have a weird sense that 2016 is set up to become pretty special, I hope I'm not the only one!

What are your goals for the year? And if you have any questions or thoughts on mine, I'd love to hear them. Feel free to leave a comment below :)

Helen Wu