2016 Year in Review

Happy new year! I noticed that it's been months since the last post around here - crazy! A testament to the busy season we've had late in 2016, as there simply hasn't been enough time for everything.

The past year has been super interesting in my opinion. I've learned a lot about growing an online-based business, about myself and I definitely feel like I've matured more in my outlook on life. Nearly hitting 30 probably helps!

As an annual routine, I'll be taking this time to focus on revisiting the past year. This was last year's review. It's usually a mix of personal and business - so you get a full picture of the person behind the business :)

Firsts from 2016

  • Got a dog! And I have completely fallen in love with him.

  • Created a free ebook on flowers.

  • Attended the AFL Grand Final at the MCG + watching a game a the MCG (double win!)

  • Being featured in local Sydney newspapers

  • Upgraded to a house with a dedicated studio space. Bonus: winning an auction!

  • Installed floating floor boards for the studio space!

Wins from 2016

  • Quitting my full time day job

  • Hiring help for the business ~ hi Leah!

  • Operation Terrarium (200+ corporate order) - I need to blog about this...

  • Rejuvenating my newsletter and growing the list by more than 700%

  • #communityovercompetition - really getting it, loving it. And now promoting it whenever I can.

  • Growing the LTB community: reaching 1k on Facebook and 5k on Instagram

Faves from 2016

  • Visited the San Francisco Flower Mart

  • Watching Grimes in concert!

  • Running a total of 13 workshops throughout the year.

  • Revisiting the Hunter Valley and taking a break from reality

  • Getting a new logo done and branding redesign!

  • Went truffle hunting near Canberra

I've been quite content with how 2016 panned out. It was a bit of a slow start for a few different reasons, but it eventually ramped up and I feel like the year finished with a bang.

As always, I am super thankful of your support in following my journey and for reading this. I hope you take the time to reflect upon your own year, it helps you come full circle and inspires you to take on a new year with passion!

Helen Wu